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Why Oracle Has a 5-Star Supplier Diversity Program

Case Study


Meet Nino Campos, Oracle's Supplier Diversity Manager

Four years ago, Nino was striving to grow his company’s compliance program, but faced challenges at every step of the way. 

Constantly struggling with incorrect information and inefficient practices, Nino knew that something had to change.

And something did; Oracle enlisted the help of CVM Solutions. This partnership allowed Oracle to:

  • Access a master database of verified, constantly updated sources
  • Easily create a customized registration supplier portal
  • Save time and money through data enrichment and supplier locator tools
  • Establish its Tier 1 program, and begin to expand its Tier 2 program
  • Become a thought leader throughout the supplier diversity industry

CVM's robust database, customer service, and opportunities for development enabled Nino Campos to transform Oracle's Supplier Diversity program.

Could it do the same for your company?

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